Vision rehabilitation professionals have a wealth of knowledge and can help you find solutions for your specific needs. Practical adaptations that may help you improve your life with vision loss include methods for labeling and marking items.

  • Mark only essential numbers or items to avoid clutter. For example, mark your oven dial on one temperature setting that you commonly use. Mark the thermostat in your home and the "start" position for the regular cycle on your washing machine.
  • Trust your other senses! Identify spices by smell as well as taste; use clothing details, such as lace, buttons, trims or textures, to distinguish garments; and identify perfume by smell or by distinct bottle shapes.
  • Create large-print labels with index cards and a wide, felt-tip marker. You can attach them to canned goods, food packages and medicine bottles using rubber bands.
  • Upon finishing an item, place the label in an empty container. You can then use the labels to create your shopping list, and when you return from the store, reuse the labels on the new items.
  • Label the location of items, such as the designated space in your cupboard for canned goods. This helps family members keep in mind the proper location of items that you need to find.
  • Mark and store similarly shaped containers in separate locations e.g., hair sprays, bug sprays, and room fresheners. To distinguish the containers, you may wish to use large print labels or tactile markers like rubber bands or shapes cut from sandpaper.

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