A new series of eye movement training exercises is being tested to help people with Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) improve their reading speeds. Dr. William Seiple, head of the Arlene R. Gordon Research Institute, began creating specialized eye exercises in collaboration with Dr. Janet Szlyk, Executive Director, The Chicago Lighthouse, and the Jesse Brown of the Veterans Administration Medical Center, Chicago. Dr. Seiple is continuing his research at Lighthouse International by monitoring and testing participants to determine the outcomes of the exercise program. His research will identify whether a reading rehabilitation training program can be tailored to an individual AMD patient's particular vision limitations

Patients commit to the program for eight weeks, practicing 10 different exercises once a week for two hours at Lighthouse International headquarters on East 59th Street in Manhattan. Participants also are required to practice at home.

Dr. Seiple is currently recruiting subjects who have lost their central vision due to AMD.



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