Whether you're a low vision specialist, or simply looking to incorporate low vision care into your current practice, there are a host of professional products you should be aware of.

  • Absorptive Lenses

    The control of light transmission is important to the patient with low vision.

  • Charts

    Specialized charts necessary for low vision testing of adults and children come in a variety of styles.

  • Hand Magnifiers

    Hand magnifiers offer a working range that is usually greater than that of spectacles, and come in different styles that can be used for reading, or short-term tasks such as seeing labels, dials, and price tags.

  • Illumination

    Correct lighting is one of the most important adaptive products for people with low vision.

  • Loupes

    Loupes clipped onto an eyeglass frame provide greater working distance than that of a comparable spectacle lens.

  • Spectacles/Microscopes

    Spectacles are the most frequently requested and prescribed low vision device.

  • Stand Magnifiers

    Stand magnifiers are available in a wide range of powers using high-quality lenses, often with the option of self-contained illumination.

  • Telescopes

    Telescopic systems are the only optical devices that magnify the image of distant, intermediate, and near objects.



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