Mult-E-Skills Vision Rehabilitation Training Program

This program provides a solid framework for understanding the field of vision rehabilitation and illustrates practical techniques for working with people who have partial sight or who are blind. The program is divided into four comprehensive courses each of which has two lessons. The courses may be taken individually or in any combination. A 15 percent discount is given on registration fees when the program is taken in its entirety. Learn more...

ON1PP: Flex VRA: Flexible Vision Rehabilitation Assistant Training

Flex VRA is a unique online and mentored training course designed to prepare paraprofessionals to assist vision rehabilitation professionals in the areas of vision rehabilitation therapy, orientation and mobility, and low vision care. Team skills are also taught. Thirty-seven (37) interactive, self-paced lessons require the supervision of a certified vision rehabilitation professional as mentor for completion. The Flex VRA courseware is accessible to students with low vision and those who use screen reader software.

Target Audience: Paraprofessionals (supervised by a certified vision rehabilitation professional)

Tuition: $1,500 per student with a mentor
Availability: On demand for 10 months from registration

Participants will receive a certificate of completion upon successful completion of the online course and mentor activities.

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