Posh LogoPOSH accepts a variety of new and gently-used fashions, accessories and footwear for women, men and children. Couture and high-end designer and items are preferable; however, we do accept all fashion ranges as long as they are received in a clean, saleable condition.

All styles must be current, no older than 5 years of age, unless they qualify as Vintage.

Tax deductions will be issued based on the donor's fair market value of their donation. By providing an itemized list with an estimated value, with your donation, the Lighthouse will issue an official acknowledgment for tax purposes. Please note that the IRS does require a professional appraisal for any contributions valued at $5000 or more.

To donate to POSH, contact Phyllis Farmer at 212-821-9445 or pfarmer@lighthouse.org.

Categories for women include:

  • Active Wear
  • Blouses/Tops (please check underarms and necklines carefully)
  • Cocktail/Evening
  • Dresses
  • Fine and Costume Jewelry
  • Footwear (new or very gently used)
  • Handbags, Scarves, Belts, Small Leather Goods
  • Hosiery (new in original packaging only)
  • Jackets
  • Outerwear
  • Skirts & Slacks (must be current style, no pleats)
  • Suits (Pant & Skirt)
  • Vintage Items

Categories for men include:

  • Active wear
  • Leather goods & Accessories -- belts, wallets, suspenders, ties
  • Outerwear
  • Slacks (must be in pristine condition inside & out)
  • Sport Jackets
  • Suits
  • Hosiery & Underwear (new in original packaging only)

Sorry, we do not accept the following:

  • Used lingerie, swimwear, hosiery
  • Clothing that is stained, well worn or defective, or older than 5 years of age.
  • Footwear (worn down, holes, scuffed)

Sorry, due to the large volume of donations we receive, we will not be able to honor any requests to return items donated in error.

Upon delivery of your donation, you will complete our official form for tax purposes. The WHITE copy serves as your tax receipt, the YELLOW copy is kept on file for our records at the Lighthouse. You may want to bring a list of the items you are donating with you so that it can be attached to our copy. Please note, that the WHITE copy you receive when delivering your donation, will be the only substantiation of your contribution.

Have more questions? Please read our Donate FAQ.



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