We often hear that age-related macular degeneration (AMD) progresses slowly. This isn’t always true. Although AMD may unfold slowly in its early or intermediate stages, it can evolve into an advanced form called wet AMD in a matter of hours, days or weeks. Once it does, any delay in seeking or scheduling treatment can compromise your sight.

Warning Signs of Wet AMD:

With wet AMD, loss of central vision can occur quickly. An early symptom of wet AMD is that straight lines appear wavy or distorted.

simulation of wet amd

For example, the straight edge of a building may appear to be curved. This is due to blood vessels leaking fluid under the retina, causing the surface of the macula to become elevated and swollen. Blind spots may also appear if blood vessels break through the surface of the retina or cause leakage of blood (hemorrhage).

If you notice this condition or other changes to your vision, contact Lighthouse International or an eye professional at once for a comprehensive dilated eye exam.



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